We are 2,000 miles into our roughly 12,000 mile trip. The dash of our $700 car is lit up like a Christmas tree with warning lights. In Vienna we spent two days working on the car, we removed the valve cover, cleaned and flushed the engine out as best we could. We saw that the previous owner rarely changed the oil causing an unbelievable amount of slug to build up in the engine, causing the oil galleys to plug up and thus prevent the ever so important oil from getting to the top engine of the engine. It’s only a matter of time before our luck runs out. We know this. Before the little engine that could becomes a glorified boat anchor. We have no other choice. The cost to repair it would deplete my already low bank account. Plus it’s a Vauxhall, the parts would have to come from England which means waiting possibly weeks for them to come in. We know all of this, yet we are not worried. This is a risk we knew could happen. It’s all part of the game. We just have to adjust our strategy.

My driving strategy has now come down to conserving the car and making every kilometer count. We use public transport or walk once in a city. We chose to bus from Zagreb to Zadar in Croatia because we would have to backtrack to Zagreb anyways. I never take the car above 100kph. Every day I check the oil level and make sure oil is getting to the top end. What damage that has been done is done. But if we can prevent more damage by making sure oil is getting to all necessary parts then we might have a shot at making it to each new place. “One day at a time,” has been our motto. The good news is this has given us plenty to joke about with the new people we meet along the way. At the present moment, Garrett and I are staying in an apartment in Zadar with some friends we made in Belgium, we just cooked breakfast and are getting ready to walk around in this beautiful town.  We are nothing if not seekers of silver linings on this adventure.