Wide Open Travel is about doing what fascinates me. It’s about being a multidimensional individual, and finding out what caliber of person I am. When I look at the map and see the dots that make up my starting point and my destination, all I can think about is the stimulating experiences I will encounter in between. Getting lost and finding new ways, breaking down and repairing, getting screwed and finding warm hospitality. Saying yes to leaping outside my comfort zone. Cause that’s where things get interesting. You overcome imaginary boundaries created by yourself. So I will eat sketchy food, get drunk, turn strangers into friends, hike mountains, and drive through vast deserts. All because I can. And because wanderlust is incurable.

Current Adventure

A good friend of mine and I will be flying to London. Once there we will purchase a car and drive through Europe into Central Asia all the way to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.  Estimating 3 Months and roughly 12,000 miles through over 20 countries.  Me being the automotive enthusiast that I am decided this trip wasn’t ambitious enough.  We will be doing it in a car costing less than $1000 with the power and size comparable to a golf cart.  Essentially we will be hurling ourselves at one-third of the earths surface in an incredibly unsuitable vehicle just to see what happens.


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